Monthly Archives: March 2019

It’s Not Fair!

Sermon from March 31, 2019 Luke 15: 11-32 Good Shepherd, Kingwood, Texas For almost two thousand years now, you have heard my story. And today, in thousands of churches around the world, millions of people will hear a story, a story about one day in my life. In thousands of churches around the world today, […]

An Odd Church for an Odd Paradox

Sermon from March 10, 2019 Luke 4: 1-13 All Saints, Crockett, Texas Today we are presented – with an odd paradox. Jesus is tempted by the power of this world. Yet Jesus knows that true power is not of this world. Because after the baptism of Jesus, the Holy Spirit leads Jesus out into the […]

Mass Exodus

Sermon from March 3, 2019 Luke 9: 28-43 St. Andrew’s, Bryan, Texas In 2005, the state of Texas witnessed the biggest evacuation in our history. In September of 2005, Hurricane Rita was a Category 5 hurricane, bearing down upon the southeast Texas coast. Given that the deadly Hurricane Katrina disaster had just happened three weeks […]

Consider Love

Sermon from March 1, 2019 Luke 12: 22-32 Daughters of the King Assembly, St. Peter’s, Brenham, Texas Growing up, I never was a dog person. In fact, growing up, I was not really a pet person at all, because we did not have a cat or a dog. However, my life took a turn for […]