Monthly Archives: November 2016

Salvation on the Side

Sermon from November 20, 2016 Luke 23: 33-43 St. Francis, Tyler, Texas Some of you might know that I was on sabbatical this last summer. And folks ask me what I did on my sabbatical. And the answer is: A whole lot of nothin’! Actually, the centerpiece of my sabbatical time off, was when Susan […]

Pesky Justice

Sermon from November 18, 2016 Luke 18: 1-8 Iona School for Ministry, Camp Allen, Texas I really, really, did not want to preach on this Gospel passage. When Mark Crawford sent to me the scripture readings from the Daily Office lectionary appointed for today, I opened up the passage. And I sighed to myself: Not […]

It’s the Identity, Stupid

Sermon from November 13, 2016 Luke 21: 5-19 St. Cuthbert, Houston, Texas {click here for audio} Ladies and gentlemen: We have just been given an opportunity – to testify. On Election Day, the followers of Jesus Christ have been handed on a silver platter – an opportunity to testify. And Jesus himself tells us this […]

Take A Stand

Sermon from November 6, 2016 Luke 6: 20-31 St. Stephen’s, Beaumont, Texas Sometimes you just have to take a stand. And in Texas history, our early Texan ancestors took a courageous stand. Growing up in Texas, every student had to take Texas history in fourth grade. (Do they still teach Texas history in fourth grade?) […]