Monthly Archives: October 2016

Come Down from Your Tree, Wee Little One

Sermon from October 30, 2016 Luke 19: 1-10 Trinity, Marshall, Texas I tried very, very hard not to do it. In doing my biblical research on today’s Gospel reading, I tried very hard – to be serious and studious about my preaching task here at Trinity. In studying and praying about this Bible story about […]

Roar! Rescued from the Lion’s Mouth

Sermon from October 23, 2016 2 Timothy 4: 6-8, 16-18 St. Dunstan’s, Houston, Texas {click here for video} Now I am really not the kind of person who goes to art museums very much. Yet, many years ago, I went to seminary at the Virginia Theological Seminary. And since we lived just across the Potomac […]

You are Not Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

Sermon from October 15, 2016 Matthew 5: 13-16 Annual Retreat for Women Camp Allen, Texas I am not sure that children learn nursery rhymes much anymore. Yet I learned quite a few nursery rhymes when I was a young boy. And one of these little rhymes, written in the 1800s, describes the differences between little […]

Crying in Sleeping Bags on the Floor

Sermon from October 9, 2016 Jeremiah 29: 1, 4-7 Trinity, Longview, Texas Long before I was an ordained minister, I was a CPA and the chief financial officer of a trust company in Houston. Yet God had different plans for my future. Now back at that time, our two sons were 10 and 7 years […]