Monthly Archives: November 2015

Jesus’ Awkward Exit Interview

Sermon from November 22, 2015 John 18: 33-37 Holy Comforter, Angleton, Texas In my opinion, exit interviews are awkward. Before I was ordained, I was a CPA. In my life in the business world, I was on the senior management team of a trust company. And invariably, as a management team, we would decide that […]

Sanitized for Your Protection

Sermon from November 21, 2015 Luke 10: 38-42 Annual Retreat for Women, Camp Allen, Texas Our son, John, is a junior at the University of Arkansas. And every semester when John registers for new classes, he always has a lot of choices and decisions to make. I have a vested interested in the courses that […]

It’s Not the End of the World

Sermon from November 15, 2015 Mark 13: 1-8 St. George’s, Texas City, Texas I bring you good news this morning. I bring you the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. And the good news is this: It’s not the end of the world. You see, in the Good News of Jesus Christ according to […]

Ginger Snap Surprise

Sermon from November 8, 2015 Mark 12: 38-44 Palmer Memorial, Houston, Texas My wife, Susan, is a fantastic cook. And Susan has many, many specialties that she cooks and bakes. And whenever fall comes around, Susan likes to bake homemade ginger snap cookies. Susan’s ginger snap cookies are just the perfect combination of crispy, with […]