Monthly Archives: September 2015

Efficacy of Jesus

Sermon from September 22, 2015 Luke 9: 1-6 General Theological Seminary, New York, New York As my cab driver was taking me from LaGuardia into the City, I saw electronic signs posted all along the highways. The blinking signs all said this: “Expect Delays. Major Event This Week in NYC.” And I just want to […]

No Comparison

Sermon from September 20, 2015 Mark 9: 30-37 Epiphany, Houston, Texas Comparison is a part of being human. Maybe like you, I have compared myself to others my entire life. When I was in elementary school, my best friend received a new, digital, battery-operated watch for Christmas. And I compared his “high-tech” watch to my […]

Far, Far Away in Caesarea Philippi

Sermon from September 13 & 16, 2015 Mark 8: 27-38 St. Mary’s, Cypress, Texas & Trinity, Marshall, Texas My life now: is a life of almost constant travel. Yet long ago, my life was lived as a CPA in an office, with little opportunity for travel in my work. Then, fifteen years ago, I was […]

Mine Enemies

Sermon from September 11, 2015 Matthew 5: 43-48 Daughters of the King Assembly, Camp Allen, Texas Love your enemies. Love your enemies. Now, raise your hand if you are really good at that. I know that I cannot raise my hand. I can’t even come close to loving my enemies. Yet Jesus instructs us this […]

Open Sesame

Sermon from September 6, 2015 Mark 7: 24-37 St. Michael & All Angels, Longview, Texas Last Friday night, Susan and I were watching football on TV. Actually, we were watching Baylor vs. SMU. And in the middle of the game, my mom sent me a text, and her text said this: You need to switch […]