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Sermon from November 24, 2013 Luke 23: 33-43 St. Timothy’s, Lake Jackson, Texas & St. Paul’s, Freeport, Texas There is a hit song that has been popular since this last summer. This hit song is called “Royals.” “Royals” is sung by Lorde, a singer from New Zealand. And the lyrics of “Royals” go something like […]

You Will Be a Martyr

Sermon from November 17, 2013 Luke 20: 27-38 St. Catherine’s, Missouri City, Texas It is great to be with you this morning, my first time to worship with you. In 2004, your rector and I were both ordained at the same time, kneeling together at Christ Church Cathedral. And I continue to be honored that […]

Maggie: She Hath Crossed Over the River

Sermon from November 10, 2013 Luke 20: 27-38 St. Stephen’s, Liberty, Texas When I was in college at the University of Texas, I was probably pretty unusual in that I attended church on most Sundays. However, because of the various Saturday night activities that many college students partake in, sometimes getting up for church on […]

Let’s Call Somebody!

November 4, 2013 Address to National Gathering of Episcopal Leaders Portland, Oregon Thank you to Bill for the introduction. And thank you to both the Marys and to Bishop Payne for inviting me to give the theme presentation of our gathering. The theme of our gatherings this year is: Freedom, Creativity and Accountability in the […]

Blessed Reverse

Sermon from November 3, 2013 Luke 6: 20-31 All Saints’, Stafford, Texas In my work as a bishop, I am in a different church every Sunday, worshiping with different congregations, just as I am doing this morning. This means that I spend a lot of time driving. Therefore I have a lot of experience in […]