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Retweeted Grace

Sermon from October 27, 2013 Luke 18: 9-14 St. Stephen’s, Beaumont, Texas Thank God that I am not like other people. Thank God that I am not like other people – because I am not poor and I know which fork to use at a fancy restaurant. Thank God that I am not like other […]

In Season and Out of Season

Sermon from October 20, 2013 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5 St. Paul’s, Katy, Texas When I was a kid, my grandparents on my mother’s side owned a ranch, a ranch located just outside of Houston. The location of my grandparent’s ranch, which they sold in the 1970s, has now become swallowed up into Southwest Houston. In the […]

Thank You for Inviting Me

Sermon from October 13, 2013 Luke 17: 11-19 Good Shepherd, Kingwood, Texas When I was in kindergarten, I was invited to the birthday parties of many of my classmates. On those Saturday afternoons, my parents would drop me off at the house of a classmate for a celebration of ice cream and cake. My mother […]


Sermon from October 6, 2013 2 Timothy 1: 1-14 St. Matthew’s, Henderson, Texas Good morning! I know that this might be hard for y’all to believe, but when my younger brother and I were little, we used to fight sometimes. The arguments between me and my little brother were over all sorts to things: Who […]