Monthly Archives: May 2013

Gulp the Mystery

Sermon from Trinity Sunday 2013 John 16: 12-15 Trinity, The Woodlands, Texas & Holy Comforter, Spring, Texas Click here for Audio When I was a kid, my elementary school always had a fall carnival. At the fall carnival, there were many games that kids could play. You could win a homemade cake in the Cake […]

Let’s Get this Party Started

Commencement Address: All Saints’ Episcopal School, Beaumont, Texas May 23, 2013 Luke 15: 1-10 Thank you for inviting me to be your guest on this wonderful occasion. This wonderful occasion is the graduation from your time at All Saints’ School. This occasion is your commencement, a new chapter in the lives of students and parents […]

Wireless Connection

Sermon from Pentecost 2013 John 14: 9-17 Emmanuel, Houston, Texas Alleluia! Christ is risen! I like to feel connected. And I like to feel up to date with the latest technological devices. Like many of you, I have a laptop, an iPhone and an iPad. And I have an out of date iTouch stuffed away […]

Jesus is Not a Missing Person

May 12, 2013 Acts 1: 1-11 St. Cyprian’s, Lufkin, Texas Alleluia! Christ is risen! “I knew that you weren’t really gone from us. And I prayed for you each day, Amanda.” Those are the words spoken last week by Amanda Berry’s grandmother: Words spoken by a loving grandmother, after Amanda was discovered, after she was […]

Didn’t We Almost Have it All

Sermon from May 5, 2013 Acts 16: 9-15 St. Paul’s, Waco, Texas Alleluia! Christ is risen! She almost had it all. She is a thoroughly modern woman in a world run by men. She supervises her own household. She works hard to be taken seriously in a man’s world of global marketing, by dealing in […]