Sermon from September 19, 20201 Corinthians 12: 4-14Daughters of the King Virtual Assembly About a year and a half ago, I made a wise decision.I don’t always make wise decisions, yet one day while shopping at Academy sports store, I decided to start setting up a home gym in our garage.  I bought soft gym mats […]

Sermon from June 14, 2020 Romans 5: 1-8 St. Luke’s, Lindale, Texas In our kitchen, there are several different cabinets and drawers. Most of the drawers are pretty well-organized, with one drawer for silverware, one drawer for dish towels, one drawer for kitchen gadgets. There is one drawer in the kitchen that you do not […]

Sermon from May 31, 2020 John 20: 19-23 Holy Spirit, Houston, Texas {Click here for video; sermon is at 13:50} On this Day of Pentecost, I am happy to be able to preach among my friends at Holy Spirit Episcopal Church in Houston. In the original plans of our lives, I was scheduled to be […]

Sermon from April 26, 2020 Luke 24: 13-35 Good Shepherd, Kingwood, Texas Alleluia. Christ is risen. The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia. {Click here for video; sermon is at 14:18} As a child and as a teenager, I grew up in the Episcopal Church. And in the Episcopal parish of my youth, our church decided […]

Sermon from March 1, 2020 Matthew 4: 1-11 Good Shepherd, Tomball, Texas I am not a frequent customer at Burger King. Sure, I ate at Burger King a lot when I was in college, going out for late night study breaks to eat their bacon double cheeseburger (with mayonnaise). But those days are long gone. […]

Sermon from February 16, 2020 Matthew 5: 21-37 St. Philip’s, Palestine, Texas In this last week, an angry video went viral on social media. This short video clip that went viral on the internet – was of a man and a woman, who were both passengers on the same airplane. The flight was an American […]

Sermon from February 9, 2020 Matthew 5: 13-20 St. Richard’s, Round Rock, Texas Before I was ordained at the age of 40, I had a previous vocation, a vocation which was quite different than the priesthood. Before I was ordained, I was a CPA. I am a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, […]

Sermon from January 22, 2020 Ordination of the Rev. Bill Bullard Philippians 4: 4-9 St. John’s, Palacios, Texas In the Episcopal Church, we can trace our spiritual roots back across the Atlantic Ocean. We can trace our spiritual roots back to the Church of England. This might be why it is – that so many […]

Sermon from January 19, 2020 John 1: 29-42 Holy Innocents, Madisonville, Texas What are you looking for? In the Bible, in the Gospel of John, the first thing out of Jesus’ mouth, the very first words that are uttered by Jesus in this whole Gospel, is this question: What are you looking for? John the […]

Sermon from January 11, 2020 Ordination of the Rev. Steve Ekerberg Matthew 3: 13-17 St. Paul’s, Concord, New Hampshire Good morning! I am Jeff Fisher, Bishop Suffragan in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. And I am honored to be here with y’all. (I hope it’s okay to say y’all in New Hampshire!) First of all, […]