Sermon from May 23, 2021Acts 2: 1-21 St. Mark’s, Beaumont, Texas In the wider Church, there is an Episcopal priest named Becca Stevens. In 1997, Becca Stevens founded a community called Magdalen, based in Nashville, Tennessee.  Magdalen is a community for women who have suffered from years and years of trafficking, addiction, and abuse.   From the Magdalen community […]

Sermon from May 9, 2021John 15: 9-17Christ Church, Tyler, Texas Like it is for many people, changing jobs can sometimes require changing where you live.In my job as a clergyperson, because of the different places where I have served, our family has moved from Houston to Alexandria, Virginia.Then back to Houston, then to Waco, and […]

Sermon from Easter Day 2021John 20: 1-18St. Cyprian’s, Lufkin, Texas Alleluia! Christ is risen.The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia! You know, it’s okay to be human.It’s okay to be human, and to fully experience both sadness and joy.It’s okay to be human, and to make errors of mistaken identity.It is okay to be human.For the […]

Sermon from February 23, 2021Ordination of the Rev. Clint BrownMatthew 9: 35-38St. Mark’s, Beaumont, Texas I don’t know about you,But lately, I have grown weary.It seems that in many aspects of life, a lot of us have grown weary, weary with this world. In the midst of this pandemic, we are weary,Weary of not being […]

Sermon from March 6, 2021Ephesians 1: 15-23Daughters of the King Virtual AssemblyEpiscopal Diocese of Texas Up here in Tyler a few weeks ago, during the winter storm, we got about 7 inches of snow.The snow was combined with a low temperature of -1 degrees.All of this, on the top of the “rolling power outages.”Therefore, like […]

Sermon from November 1, 2020Matthew 5: 1-12St. Francis, Tyler, Texas Well, my friends, in just a few days, we will have an opportunity to move on.As this new month of November rolls on, the campaign signs in the front yards of homes will be taken down.And all those political signs – will soon be replaced […]

Sermon from October 18, 2020Exodus 33: 12-23St. Mary’s, Cypress, Texas As a kid growing up, my family and I used to love to visit our relatives in Austin.In Austin, I had two great aunts and a great uncle, all of whom were wise and funny characters. When we visited our aunts and uncle in Austin, […]

Sermon from October 11, 2020Matthew 22: 1-14St. Cuthbert, Houston, Texas Almost 20 years ago, I was a brand-new student at the Virginia Theological Seminary.And as a new student, before seminary classes began, there were orientation activities. My wife, Susan, and I received an invitation to a welcoming party, a reception, for all the new students […]

Sermon from September 19, 20201 Corinthians 12: 4-14Daughters of the King Virtual Assembly About a year and a half ago, I made a wise decision.I don’t always make wise decisions, yet one day while shopping at Academy sports store, I decided to start setting up a home gym in our garage.  I bought soft gym mats […]

Sermon from June 14, 2020 Romans 5: 1-8 St. Luke’s, Lindale, Texas In our kitchen, there are several different cabinets and drawers. Most of the drawers are pretty well-organized, with one drawer for silverware, one drawer for dish towels, one drawer for kitchen gadgets. There is one drawer in the kitchen that you do not […]